Terms and Conditions

General Information

This Website (and its domain name) is owned and managed by Digital Style Limited and/or its licensors.

PersianHosts Ltd.s registered in Malta under company number xxxxxxxxx and with our registered office at 28 xxxxxx.

PersianHosts Ltd. showcase, and (via the website) allow Hosts to offer and Guests to book for holiday and short-term occupation, a select collection of Iran's most attractive homes and apartments in combination with enhanced customer support to facilitate their stay and enhance their experience as first-time or repeat travelers.

PersianHosts may be contacted by email at [email protected]


In this Agreement the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise;

Accommodation: means the PersianHosts property made available on the Site for a Guest to book;

Account: means a Host or Guest account registered on the site with an email address and password;

Approved Carriers: Means independent transport providers vetted who have passed PersianHosts’ vetting process to offer courtesy transport from Airport to and from Accommodation and are thereby allowed by us to independently offer their services to PersianHosts guests at agreed rates during the duration of their stay.

Concierge Service: Concierge service is a personalized services offered by PersianHosts, who assign a local Personal Assistant during the Guests’ duration of their stay and is available 24/7 for recommendations, bookings and general inquiries.

Content: means text, graphics, images, information or other material of any nature.

Courtesy Services: means access to PersianHosts i) personal Concierge service offering telephone assistance, recommendations and support with bookings ii) Access to approved Shuttle Carriers who are available to Guests for shuttle transfer to and from the accommodation and airport at arrival and departure times.

Courtesy Services Fee: means an additional optional service payable with the booking reservation which provides access to Courtesy Services.

Deposit: A part payment of the Price of Stay paid in advance by the Guest at the time of making the booking online, where required by the Host, to compensate in the event of no-show or cancellation.

Guest: A person, who views pages, sends a request for Accommodation to a Host, and who may book the accommodation directly through the site;

General Terms: the general terms and conditions pertaining to use of the Site.

Home-Checker: means PersianHosts staff responsible for evaluating Host Accommodations, taking pictures, evaluating and writing descriptions on the Accommodation Listing.

Intellectual Property Rights: means all intellectual property rights, trade marks (including service marks, trade names and business names), design rights, internet designations (including domain names), moral rights and data base rights or any such rights or forms of protection of similar nature or having similar effect to any of these which may exist anywhere in the world;

Listing: Accommodation that is provided by a Host including Content, which is available for Reservation via the Site;

Price of Stay: The amount owed directly to the Host by the Guest in relation to the booking;

Privacy Policy: the privacy statement as set out on the site www.persianhosts.com/privacy.

Security Deposit: A deposit some Hosts may require via the Site to secure against cancellation or No-show and which will be reimbursed to the Guest on the day of arrival.

Site: www.persianhosts.com and all other websites, APIs, mobile and desktop applications owned or operated by PersianHosts Ltd and used for the purpose of facilitating reservations.

Registration: the signing up and uploading of Content required of a Host or Guest to allow a Host to offer Accommodation or a Guest to make a Reservation with a Host on the Site.

Reservation: the reservation of Accommodation by a Guest with a Host, where the Host has confirmed their availability for specific dates requested;

Reservation Fee: The percentage of the Accommodation due to the Host which is retained by PersianHosts Ltd. for the provision of its services to the Host. All data provided by the Host of itself, descriptions of the Accommodation and any related facilities provided by the host or taken by PersianHosts Ltd, reviews, room rates, maps, directions and contact details. All data provided by a Guest of itself, any photographs to include profile picture and reviews;

Terms (or “this Agreement”): these terms and conditions of business as amended or replaced from time to time.

Access to the Service

In order to access this service, you must be: Eighteen (18) years of older.

Legally capable to enter binding contracts.

Not forbidden by the law in the jurisdiction in which you are located to enter into these Terms and to use the Site.

Legally allowed by your jurisdiction or by the jurisdiction of Iran to enter Iranian territory on a tourist or business visa.

A citizen of a country which allows Visa on Arrival or free Visa. You hold a passport other than Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Somalia, Irak, Pakistan Bangladesh.

Hold a passport which is valid for 12 months at the time of reservation.

By using this Site, you warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity, in respect of your status as a Non Registered User or Registered User, to enter into and be bound by this Agreement.

By using this Site, you warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity, in respect of your status as a Non Registered User or Registered User, to enter into and be bound by this Agreement.

PersianHosts Ltd. reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion and for any reason whatsoever to accept or reject your application as a Registered User.

Registration of Guests and Hosts Profiles

Users can register an account either as Hosts or as Guests via the respective sections of the PersianHosts platform.

PersianHosts reserves the right to refuse registration on the Platform to any User, Owner or Resident, at its discretion and without prior notice.

Users can register an Account in two ways: 1) email address and choosing a password on the Site sign-up form; or 2) via Facebook log-in, a third-party service provider. You will be required to provide your gender and prompted to upload a picture for your profile.

Guests agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the Account Registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete.

By registering via Facebook Login, you allow the Site access to your Facebook account for the following information, including but not limited to: public profile (name, gender, hometown, profile photo and birthday), friend list, email address and location; as permitted under the applicable terms and conditions that govern your use of your Facebook account. You understand and accept that this will allow PersianHosts Ltd. to access, make available this content so that it may be made available on and through your PersianHosts account.

Your relationship with third party service providers such as Facebook is solely governed by them. PersianHosts will not review the accuracy and is not responsible for any content.

Users who register as Hosts can freely edit their profile. However, they will not be allowed to list a property until they have gone through a personal interview, property viewing and background check of PersianHosts’ onboarding process.

Host Profiles display a welcome message, detailed description of the Hosts, their profile picture and past reviews. Host Profile content is reviewed by PersianHosts and is visible both independently and as a section of each Listing Page.

Host Profiles will also prominently feature a Verification tick-list under the Host Profile name and image which represents the following verifications carried out by Persian Hosts on the Host: E-mail address, Mobile Number, Social Media Account (Instagram), National ID and Proof of Ownership, HomeChecker Review. This tick-list represents PersianHosts’ warranty of having gone through the due diligence regarding the Host and to have verified, to the best of its ability, the veracity of the information provided.

Accommodations and Listing Advertisements

PersianHosts does not allow Hosts to publish a Listing on our site without going through a thorough internal verification process both of the Host and of the Listing itself. PersianHosts verification, review and approval is required for a Listing to be hidden from Guests (“Unlisted”) to visible for reservation (“Listed”).

Users who register as Hosts can use their Profile Dashboard to submit an Unlisted or “Draft” Listing for publication with detailed information on their property including location, amenities, pricing and weekly neighborhood and transport information as first step towards publication.

All Hosts who register on this site will be held to a separate Agreement under Iranian Law, ensuring they behave according to PersianHosts’ practices with regards to Guest Treatment, Accommodation Quality and Rental conditions. This Agreement also requires them to abide by our policies and arbitration in case of disagreement with the Guest.

All Accommodation Listings on PersianHosts are prepared, verified and approved by PersianHosts, following thorough inspection by our team of Home Checkers. Content is editable by Hosts with PersianHosts approval.

Prior to Listing publication, Hosts will make an appointment with PersianHosts staff to take photographs and to verify all of the main features of the Accommodation. The Host agrees that PersianHosts staff will access the Accommodation for the purpose of taking photos, drawing floor plans, taking videos or any other inspection and advertising material that PersianHosts requires.

The Accommodation Listing on the Site and all of its text and visual content is created free of charge to the Host and remains the transferable property of PersianHosts which cannot be used or reproduced in any way without express permission.

PersianHosts guarantees the features of the Accommodation at the time and date in which they were last verified by our HomeCheckers (once annually). Guests acknowledge and accept that the Accommodation which they have reserved was verified on a date which was prior to the date of reservation and that a risk exists that features or conditions differ to those depicted in the advertisement.

Images uploaded in Host Accommodation Listings will include a “PersianHosts verified” watermark, whereby we warrant that pictures representing the accommodation have been taken by one of our Homecheckers and that the description of the property has been drafted by us in an impartial way. All Listings will include one of our Homecheckers in the property with the Host as proof of this process.

PersianHosts guarantees that all PersianHosts Hosts have signed a Host Agreement with PersianHosts. under local contract law requiring them to: i) Declare and Accept that all information provided to PersianHosts is true, correct and updated, pledging to inform PersianHosts of any undue delay; ii) Maintain the Accommodation in a similar condition to that depicted in the advertisement; iii) Follow all of our policies, terms and procedures in terms of client treatment, complaints and dispute resolution, pricing and Guest support.

Reservation and Payment Process

All reservations made through the Site are agreements between the Host and Guest. Once the Host has agreed they are available for the requested dates the Host can “pre-accept” the reservation request and the Guest can proceed to make the Booking where they agree to pay a non-refundable Reservation Fee.

Applicable reservation fees will be displayed to the Guests prior to completion of the booking online. Such fees will be deducted from the total cost to the Guest, giving the remaining Price of Stay which will also be displayed prior to completion and will be due on arrival to the Host. PersianHosts Ltd. will retain the Reservation Fee as consideration for the supply of services to by PersianHosts Ltd. to the Host.

The fee for Courtesy Services will be displayed as an optional service for the Guest which can also be added to the reservation fee to the paid by the Guest to PersianHosts Ltd. for access to PersianHosts’ Courtesy Services. The nature and scope of these services are described in Section 7 of this Agreement.

PersianHosts Ltd. reserves the right to change the Reservation Fee at any time, giving adequate notice of any such notice before they become effective.

PersianHosts Ltd. will process with the reservation, charging the applicable, Security Deposit (if required by Host) and Reservation Fee and (if Courtesy Services are purchased by the Guest) the Courtesy Service Fee.

Prior to reservation, the Guest will be prompted to provide additional personal information including his citizenship, passport details (Passport number and expiry date) and mobile number. Without this information the Guest will not be able to proceed with the reservation.

Only Users with citizenship of countries which do not require are Visa-exempt or are allowed Visa on Arrival are allowed to reserve an Accommodation with PersianHosts. Countries for which Visa on Arrival is not available as of 2020 are United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, United States, Israel, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

In addition, the Guest will be prompted to provide flight details which will be visible to the Host and will be forwarded by the PersianHosts team to our Approved Carriers. The Guest is responsible for ensuring the flight details section is up to date and accurate on the “my reservation” section of the Guest Dashboard.

Upon reservation, PersianHosts will provide both Host and Guest with booking confirmation emails, containing necessary contact details of both each other and PersianHosts’ local Trip Manager, maps, directions and Accommodation booking details. It will further provide detailed instructions and recommendations on the Guests’ trip including insurance coverage and how to process the Visa on Arrival. All of this data “My Trip” section of the “My Reservations” window of their respective Dashboards. This will allow them to communicate more fluidly during the guest.

Guests who have opted for Courtesy Services via the platform have the option of making use of one of our Approved Carriers who will be waiting for them at the boarding gates of the airport with a visible PersianHosts sign. Contact details (including Whatsapp) of Approved Carriers will be included in the Reservation Confirmation email and in the Reservation information included in the “My Trip” section of the Guest Dashboard.

Guests who have not opted for Courtesy Services will be expected to find their own way to the Accommodation within the check-in times specified by the Host, making use of the travel instructions provided in their reservation.

Upon arrival to the Accommodation, the Guests will meet the Hosts, who will show them property, explain any required details regarding facilities, prior to delivery of Accommodation keys and payment of Price of Stay.

On the day of arrival an email will be sent to both Hosts and Guests allowing both parties to confirm the Guest is satisfied with the Accommodation and that the Price of Stay has been paid in cash by the Guest and Host. This is done by selecting “Check-In” in the URL provided in the email allow both parties to confirm satisfaction, payment and that the rental agreement between both parties is in force.

Guests and Hosts can also accept Check-in directly by logging into their Profile and accept the “Check-in” option in the “My Trips” section of their profile.

Once both Guest and Host has will lead to the status of the Reservation on their respective Dashboard from “Reserved” to “Checked-In” for the duration of the stay.

Guests and Hosts also have the option to check0in via telephone or Whatsapp with the Trip Manager who will automatically update the Trip status on their respective Dashboards.

Payment of the Price to Stay by the Guest to the Host will be made in Euro or United States Dollars.

If the Host has availed the no-show Deposit option for the reservation, the Deposit paid by the Guest to PersianHosts will be returned within 24 hours of both parties checking in via email.

In the unlikely event of a disagreement between Host and Guest or a discrepancy between the Listing publication and the Accommodation, both the Hosts and Guests may decline the Check-in. This automatically triggers the “Incidents and Complaints Resolution” Process, detailed in Section 9 of the Terms of this Agreement. The status of the reservation on the Dashboard will to “Incidence Reported”.

The Host agrees to honor all Reservations for the dates, accommodations and prices as booked by the Guest through the Site. The Host is strictly forbidden from altering the terms of service or adding extra charges or services for any related to the Accommodation and understands that any such action will result in the Host being automatically blacklisted from the Site.

The Guests will be able to contact the Trip Manager for any incidence during their stay (including emergency situations) which PersianHosts’ local team will endeavor to assist with as soon as possible.

Any complaint or issue during the duration of the reservation period can be escalated via the MyTrips section of the Guest Dashboard (“Report incidence”). This will also automatically change the status of their Reservation from “Checked-In” to “Incidence Reported”.

Guests (or Hosts) can also directly contacting the PersianHost Trip Manager via mobile phone/Whatsapp. In the case of the Concierge service having been availed, the Guests’ Personal Assistant, is a third possible first point of contact by the Guest, in which case the status of their reservation on their Dashboard will be changed manually by the PersianHosts team.

Courtesy Services and Authorized Carriers

PersianHosts allows Guests to make use of additional Courtesy Services designed to facilitate their stay in Iran, particularly useful for first time travelers and non-Farsi speakers.

Courtesy Services are booked with a single one-time Courtesy Service Fee paid with their Reservation and allow the Guest to make use of the following services from the moment of their arrival to the country: 1) Access to our Concierge service whereby the Guests are assigned a Personal Assistant; 2) Free access to our Approved Carriers for Airport pick-up and Drop-off; 3) Access to a local mobile phone and SIM with Internet connection with which to contact the Guests’ assigned Personal Assistant and Approved Carriers.

The Guests’ Concierge Personal Assistants are assigned individually and are available 24/7 via the provided phone number to assist Guests with recommendations for their stay, travel advisory and reservations with third parties, particularly where language is a barrier.

Personal Assistants, together with PersianHosts’ Trip Managers also remain a first point of contact in case of incidents or emergency situations.

Authorized Carriers are taxi services which have undergone extensive background checks by PersianHosts, meet our standards in terms of experience and training and have undergone the relevant training.

The consideration for service of Authorized Carriers is providing a line of contact with PersianHosts Guests and the right to offer additional services (where requested by the Guest) should Guests avail the Airport pick-up option.

Users of PersianHosts acknowledge and agree that the option of making use of Approved Carriers for free airport pick-up and drop-off does not establish PersianHosts as a provider of transportation Services or as a transportation carrier itself.

Users acknowledge and agree that the service they are paying for related to transportation services is not transportation but access to a roster of affiliated English-speaking Approved Carriers who have undergone relevant training and have agreed to provide free transportation in exchange of introduction to our clients.

As part of their collaboration agreement with PersianHosts, Authorized Carriers are allowed to enter separate transport agreements with Guests during the duration of their stay on condition of meeting our requirements in terms of price charged, car maintenance and driver-safety.

PersianHosts’ role related to Authorized Carriers is one of introduction and facilitation to an optional service performed by independent third parties who have been adequately screened by PersianHosts. Its obligations are limited to providing access to affiliated Authorized Carriers and to co-ordinate their availability for pick-up and drop-off.

Host and Guest Reservation Cancellation

Both Host and Guests have the option to cancel a Reservation via the “My Trip” screen in the “My Reservations” section of their respective Dashboards, requiring a reason for the cancellation to be selected from a drop-down list. The other parties to the transaction will immediately be notified by email and on the “My Trip” section of their Dashboard, which will also change from “Reserved” to “Cancelled”.

In the event that the Host cancels a reservation, the Reservation Fee and (where applicable) the No-Show Deposit is automatically refunded to the Guest’s Bank account via the PersianHosts platform.

Host cancellation of a Reservation prior to arrival means their Accommodation will be automatically de-listed from the PersianHosts platform, pending PersianHosts team investigation.

In the event that the Guest cancels a Reservation prior to arrival, the Reservation Fee is not refundable in any case.

Should the Host avail the No-Show Deposit option for their Listing, upon Guest Cancellation is also not refundable, except at least 7 days prior to arrival at the discretion of PersianHosts in cases where the Guests show documented evidence of Force Majeure impeding their trip. For the purpose of this clause, a day begins at 00.01 a.m and ends at 12 mid-night, Iranian time.

PersianHosts Ltd endeavors to reduce the risk of Host cancellations of Reservations yet has no control over Hosts decisions to cancel beyond blacklisting them from the site and therefore disclaims all liability to Guests from cancellation.

Incidents and Complaints Resolution Management

The following provisions apply to disputes that arise between Guests and Hosts in relation to Reservations.

9.1 Incidents or Disputes on Check-in

The Guest can escalate dissatisfaction to PersianHosts upon check-in simply by selecting the option “Decline Check-In” which immediately changes the status of their reservation on “My Trip” from “Reserved” to “Incident Reported” and triggers PersianHosts “Incidents and Complaints Resolution Management Process”.

In the case where the Host has availed a Deposit, the PersianHosts team will immediately refund the Deposit to the Guest’s bank account.

Causes of dissatisfaction which are deemed by PersianHosts to justify escalation are i) Significant discrepancy between Accommodation and the Listings’ images and description made by the PersianHosts team, ii) absence of any of the inventory of amenities which are listed in the Accommodation Listing, or iii) Significant Deficiency.

Significant Deficiency is defined as circumstances entailing non-livable conditions, a health risk, disruption of basic facilities (for example electricity, hot-water, WiFi Internet, AC or Heating) or any situation which is reasonable cause for major unforeseen discomfort for the Guest.

Both Hosts and Guests agree to attempt resolution openly and in good faith and should any of the aforementioned situations arise, the Host agrees to maximum endeavor to resolve within 24 hours and the Trip Manager and/or Guest Personal Assistant will immediately contact the Host and Guest to assess the situation, visiting the premises when required.

Where the source of dispute is resolved by the Host to the satisfaction of the Guest within a 24-hour period, the Guest and Host may access the “My Trips” section of their Dashboard and change the status of their Reservation from “Incident Reported” to “Checked-in”. Alternatively, they may contact PersianHosts’ Trip Manager by phone or email who will acknowledge agreement between parties and change the status of the Reservation to “Checked-in” on the Dashboards of both parties.

In the case that no resolution is possible within a 24-hour period, the local PersianHosts team will visit the premises to assess the nature of the problem and endeavor to resolve in collaboration with the Host.

In the case that a discrepancy found and no solution is possible within the given period, PersianHosts commits to i) Immediate reimbursement of the Reservation Fee and ii) providing an alternative accommodation with similar features which the Guest has the right to approve or accept. iii) PersianHosts will arrange transportation free of cost. iv) In the event of the price of the new Accommodation is either cheaper or more onerous than the price of the previous reservation, PersianHosts will pay the difference to the Guest, either in cash or by transfer to their bank account.

9.2 Incidents or Disputes during Stay

Should any incident or dispute occur during the stay which leads to a Significant Deficiency in the Accommodation as defined in section 9.1 or this Agreement, the Guest can immediately report the incident on his Dashboard or contact the PersianHosts Trip Manager (and/or where applicable) the Concierge Personal Assistant. This triggers the same process as in the case of declining Check-In at arrival.

In case of incident during stay the PersianHosts team will contact the Host, visit the premises and assess the nature of the incident.

If, at the discretion of the PersianHosts team, the incident is evaluated to involve a Significant Deficiency affecting the quality of the stay which cannot be resolved in 24 hours PersianHosts commits to i) ensuring the Host immediately returns the proportion of the Price Paid equivalent to the number of nights remaining in the currency chosen by the Guest ii) providing a suitable accommodation of similar characteristics and paying the difference in price, whether greater or below that of the original Accommodation either in Cash or to the Guests’ Bank Account, iv) handling transport to new accommodation free of cost.

Reviews and Ratings

Both Hosts and Guests are prompted to rate and review each other 48 hours following the stay. This review is associated to a Past Reservation and the option to leave a review and rating remains active for 2 weeks following the stay.

Both Guest and Host need to leave a Review and Rating for it to be updated on the Site. PersianHosts reserve the right to reserve to include these reviews in the Host, Guest and Listing Profile.


PersianHosts Ltd. does not warrant that the information provided by users is error free and only warrants to have performed the due diligence as defined in this Agreement and that Listing descriptions on the Site represent PersianHosts Ltd.’s description faithfully represent the on-sight review of them by our staff. PersianHosts thus excludes liability of any kind arising from any change in any failure to detect discrepancy, substantial or otherwise, between the Accommodation and the description of the listing or any failure of the Host to notify PersianHosts of any Deficiency in the Accommodation, significant or otherwise.


To the greatest extent permitted by law, this clause sets out PersianHosts Ltd.’s liability in delivering all the services it offers through the Site.

PersianHosts is a platform aiming to connect Guests with Hosts, with the added service of providing adequate screening of Hosts and Accommodations and a local support service to address incidents and disagreements. We are not a party to the Guest/Host Agreement and are not owners of operators of any Accommodation listed on our website and nor are we an organizer or retailer of travel packages under Directive (EU) 2015/2302. We are not responsible or liable for any of the actions or inactions of Guests or Hosts.

Neither PersianHosts Ltd. nor any other party involved with this Site, its services or its Content are liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages, including loss of data, loss of profits, service interruption, loss of goodwill, computer damage or system failure or the loss of goodwill or any damages arising in connection to these terms or out of the use of this site, or out of other Users you communicate with on this site, even if the remedies offered in this Agreement fail to meet their essential purpose.

PersianHosts’ liability with regard to Authorized Carriers is limited to Carrier screening and adequately transmitting information of arrival and departure times between User and Carrier and is in no way liable for Authorized Carriers’ any unforeseeable incident resulting in loss during pick-off or drop-off or in independent agreements entered between Guests and Authorized Carriers.

Authorized Carriers are a voluntary service which Guests can choose to avail and PersianHosts excludes liability for any unforeseeable economic loss, death or injury related to the provision of their service, beyond gross negligence on the part of PersianHosts or failure to perform an adequate screening process.

In its role as trusted intermediary between parties, PersianHosts accepts liability of up until 100 (one hundred) euros for significant loss resulting from the Authorized Carriers failure to appear on time designated by the Guest at the Airport or Accommodation for Pick-up and Drop-off respectively, only in those cases where this failure is due to PersianHosts failure to adequately perform its duties as an intermediary and coordinator between both parties.

If a Guest causes damage to Host Accommodation in which they are staying, the Guest must fully reimburse the Host concerned for the cost of the damage.

PersianHosts Ltd utilizes a trusted third party payment gateway and makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all credit card and debit card transactions are secure. However, if unauthorized charges appear on your credit card or debit card statement for any card used on the Site at any time during or after a Reservation

Currency Conversion

PersianHosts will process each transaction in the currency you select as your Reservation Currency. The currencies available to pay in for any given transaction may be limited by regulatory or operational reasons to US Dollars and Euros.

If a Guest submits a Booking Request for a Listing using a Booking Currency that is different from the Listing Country Currency, the PersianHosts will calculate the Reservation Fee and Courtesy Service Fee to the Listing Country Currency at the time of the Reservation Request. In all cases the Adjusted Exchange Rate will apply unless PersianHosts is unable to process your transaction in the default currency of your Payment Method, if which case the Adjusted Exchange Rate will apply.

You can view Listings in both currencies. To change your currency view, or the currency you wish to pay in, scroll to the bottom of any page on persianhosts.com and click on the currency field to select the currency you want to view or pay in. This will be your Reservation Currency.

When a confirmed Reservation is modified or cancelled, and a currency conversion has been applied, the Guest's payment or refund will be processed in the same currency as the currency used in the Booking, calculated as above using the appropriate rate of currency conversion at the time of the change.


PersianHosts may, at its sole discretion, round up or round down amounts payable from or to Guests to the nearest whole functional base unit in which the currency is denominated (i.e. to the nearest dollar or euro).

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

See PersianHost’s Privacy Policy available at www.persianhosts.com/privacy for all information and notices concerning homestay and use of personal and non-personal information. Information on how we use Cookies can be found at www.persianhosts.com/cookies-policy.


PersianHosts Ltd reserves the right to revise, amend or modify the Site, the Servies and these terms from time to time and without prior notice. In the case that the terms are modified they will be posted on the Site and provide a notice of the modification. The “Last Updated” version will be visible at the top of these Terms.

By continuing to access or use the Site or Services after the Terms have been updated or the Site has been modified you will deem to have agreed to be bound by the modified Terms.


All intellectual Property Rights in the Site, the Services and Website Content are the exclusive property of PersianHosts Ltd. You agree not to remove, alter, obscure or re-use any Intellectual Property Rights incorporated in this Site, including any of its Content.

Entire Agreement

These Terms as well as the Privacy Statement (www.persianhosts.com/privacy) constitute the entire and exclusive Agreement between Users who register as Guests and Persianhosts Ltd. They supersede and replace any written or oral representations, communications or understandings be it on the Site, or via communications with our any of our employees.

Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of this Agreement are governed by the laws of Malta. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Malta.


In the case that any provision or part-provision of these Terms is rendered invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified only to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. In the case that such a modification is not possible, only the relevant provision or part-provision shall be excluded or deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this clause shall not in any case affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these Terms.